Mom Hack!

I was hesitant to post this because when I shared it on my Facebook I received quite a bit of negative feedback, but I think it is a neat idea so I thought I would share anyway!

So, here is little mom hack to hide your electric outlets!

We all have these regular little packs of baby wipes laying around, right? When they are gone, peel off the plastic lid! The adhesive should come right off with it. It peels off pretty easily!

Stick it around the outlet. You can still easily plug in all of your cords, it doesn’t block the way!

Close it! Now your electric outlets are hidden out of sight!

Now, after posting this to Facebook and receiving a lot of different feedback I do realize this is not fool proof, or “baby proof”. Kids can easily open the lid to the wipe pack. My 1.5 year old loves opening the wipes and throwing them everywhere, but since putting these up she has not had any interest in going near the outlets that are covered with these! She is not attracted to them or wanting to play with them. So for us, it has worked awesome, and it is just a neat little trick! Maybe this won’t work great for your child, but it’s worth a shot!

If you decided to try this hack, let me know how it worked for you!


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